Parkour Course

Go from one obstacle to the next without touching the floor!

Parkour is growing increasingly popular and there just isn’t enough places in the UK where people can go and practice parkour and when there is, it is very hard for everyone to gain access to. We wanted to have a Parkour Course in Jump Heaven to make it easy for Parkour lovers to come to Jump Heaven and practice and have fun as well as having all our other facilities to go on!

All of our blocks in our parkour section have been carefully aligned and positioned to ensure that you can go from each and every obstacle onto the next without touching the floor!

You can do a handstand off one of our blocks and land on top of the next one! – This is definitely for the more advanced, but we do have something for everyone on our parkour course, even down to smaller blocks that the younger ones can run and jump on!

Who is it for?         

Our Parkour Course has a height restriction of 3ft and above.