Ninja Warrior Course

Come and challenge yourself on our amazing Ninja Warrior Course!

Our Ninja Warrior Course features, Foam Pits, a Diving Board onto a Giant Airbag, Swings, Monkey Bars, Swinging climbing walls, lots of Ropes and many more challenging assault courses.

Our 3ft Ninja Warrior is for junior ninjas and our 5ft is for professional ninjas.

If you are tall enough to go on our 5ft Ninja Warrior, but want to practice first, we do recommend practicing on the 3ft one first if you want to do really good on our Ninja Warrior and see if you can complete our course!

Be warned it isn’t easy. But it certainly is fun, especially when it comes to watching your family and friends attempt it for the first time!

Who is it for?

At Jump Heaven we always advise to participate to your own capability.

Our Nina Warrior course does have height restrictions. We have four courses in total 2 courses are set at 3ft and above and the other 2 courses are set at 5ft and above.