We now have Kids fitness classes at Jump Heaven!

As trampolining is very beneficial and children enjoy it so much, we have created a fun and exciting fitness class for children aged 6-13.

Trampolining is an aerobic exercise, which means it is the type of exercise that strengthens the heart and enhances respiratory and circulatory efficiency, which are the most important indicators of health.

Trampoline experts, Doctors and Coaches all agree that Trampoline exercise provides the most energy-efficient workout possible.

Trampoline exercising is a lot more beneficial than your regular methods of exercising, including jogging.

Trampoline exercise can be beneficial for all children, including those with no particular experience in sports. On the other hand, for any children that are already involved in other sports, trampoline exercise works as a method of cross training can improve basic fitness as well as enhancing their skills and abilities required by almost every other sport.

Trampolining promotes a healthy heart rate as well as being easy on your joints and helps to build your core muscles.

Our Fitness Instructor will give you fun and exciting routines that will make sure you are really working your whole body!

Our Juniorobics class is on every Thursday at 5:15pm until 6pm. Classes cost £6 each.

Classes consist of 20 minutes Trampoline Exercising, a 5 minute break for a drink, followed by 20 minutes on the Ninja Warrior, team building and competitions.