Giant Airbag

Flip, Jump, Somersault, Run, Soar and Spin off our giant airbags!

Here at Jump Heaven, we have 2 giant Airbags. So, you have the choice of jumping off one of our trampolines onto an airbag or jumping off our diving board whilst showing off your best tricks and landing on the softest crash site around!

Have bags of fun whilst enjoying the airbag, however you like. You can show off your moves or practice something new before you take it to the trampolines.

Who is it for?

Anyone can enjoy the giant air bag located in our Trampoline area. However the Giant Air bag with the diving board, located in the Ninja Warrior side of Jump Heaven has a height restriction of 3ft.

At Jump Heaven, we advise all our Jumpers to bounce within their own capability, so the airbags are a great way to perfect your skills until they are Trampoline ready!