About Jump Heaven

When opening Jump Heaven, we knew we wanted to create something much more than a Trampoline Park, as we wanted to open it up to a bigger audience. We incorporated Ninja Warrior, Total Wipeout and Rock N Roll, so that you would all have something fun to do and something that personally suits you!

Whether you come to Jump Heaven with your family or with your friends, we can guarantee that there will be something that you will all enjoy!

Parents often join in with the fun. 

Many adults also come along to have fun on their own without their children and with their friends instead. So, as you can see, Jump Heaven really does offer something for everyone!

Customer Service

Here at Jump Heaven are main priority is you! We care about your safety.

Our trained staff are here to help you and ensure that you are both safe and happy when you come to Jump Heaven. We are always happy to help you and get involved when we can and when you want us to. Whether it’s watching you do a cool new trick, or them teaching you to do new tricks, all you need to do is ask.  

We offer exclusive venue hire for anyone that wants it, including Schools, Corporate Events, Work Do’s and even if you’re just having a big party and want the whole place all to yourselves!

Jump Heaven is an activity park for all ages. Some of our activities are designed for big kids (adults) only.