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About Jump Heaven

Jump Heaven is the UK’s first Ninja Warrior, Total Wipe-Out and Parkour Arena

At Jump Heaven, we are more of a theme park than a Trampoline Park. We created Jump Heaven to make going to a Trampoline Park even better and something that the whole family – no matter what age can enjoy. There is so much more to choose from at Jump Heaven, that you will be spoiled for choice!

Our indoor activity park is split into 2 HUGE spaces:

  • One HUGE space is jampacked from back to front with Trampolines, that are all interconnected to form one huge Trampoline. Our Trampoline Park features Foam Pits, a Balance Beam, Monkey Bars, a head-to-head Climbing Wall, Jump Basketball Nets, Dodgeball and Interactive Boards.


  • The other HUGE space has 4 courses of Ninja Warrior featuring; Foam Pits, a Diving Board onto a Giant Airbag, Swings, Monkey Bars, Swinging Climbing Walls, lots of Ropes and many more challenging assault courses. 2 of our Ninja Warrior courses are set at 3ft and the other 2 courses are set at 5ft.


  • We also have a Total Wipe-Out Challenge! This has been a favourite with all of our customers – especially the adults! You have to duck when the higher arm comes around and jump over the lower arm. The Wipe-Out will speed up and slow down and stop and change its direction when you are least expecting it, so just when you think you have gotten the hang of it, it will all change.
  • AND we have a Parkour Course! All of our blocks in our Parkour section have been carefully aligned and positioned to ensure that you can go from each and every obstacle onto the next without touching the floor. We have something for everyone in our Parkour course; top blocks with bars that you can do a handstand on, even down to smaller blocks that the younger Jumpers can run and jump on.
  • If all that wasn’t enough, our newest addition to Jump Heaven is a Lifesize Table-Top Football Table! It is a 6-a-side Football Pitch so 12 people can play at a time. We have a referee sitting on a chair at the top of the Football Table, overlooking everything, to ensure that everyone is following the rules and playing the game properly.


Jump Heaven

Jump Heaven